1. withalowercaseb:

    In some Latin parts of the world, sexuality is not hidden away like it is in Britain. If a man becomes erect during the working day he will release it from his trousers to stop it chafing.

    Enter: Me. The on-call cocksucker.

    I provide a service that, while not exactly mainstream (I don’t advertise on Facebook!), is known throughout the labour industries: builders, decorators, scaffolders, removals, roofers, plumbers, that sort of thing.

    Project Managers across the city have my number in their phones. Any time one of their workers encounters this “problem” he’ll call me up. I’ll appear shortly afterwards (I have a scooter and can zip around the city in record time, weaving in and out of traffic) and my job is simple: I’ll be pointed in the direction of the man with the protruding erection, I’ll nod a greeting to him, kneel down and get to work. The idea is that I am swift as this is during his working hours. I can bring a guy off in under two minutes. If I wasn’t able to do so they wouldn’t call me back. He’ll pump his load directly into my throat - obviously they don’t want mess - and I’ll get back to my feet. I’ll report to the manager who will give me £5 and be on my way. Of course, more often than not I have more than one guy to relieve, so will spend a good half hour on site, going from groin to groin, emptying most, if not all, of the guys working. Obviously those days are preferred as it is much simpler logistically and reduces travel time.

    Through time I’ve learnt each of the guys’ quirks and spots: part of my job is to remember and know which guys like to be deep throated, which guys cum quickest concentrating on the head, for which guys I’ll need to recruit my hand to help things along. I need to start the day ready as often my first client will be a ten-incher that requires deep throating. I can’t build up to it, I have to just get it straight down.

    On a weekday I’ll work from 7am to 4pm. On average I’ll suck between 30 to 40 guys. I’ll go straight to the gym when I finish (it’s important to look good for my clients otherwise they’ll stop calling) filled to the brim with spunk. I get between £150 and £200. It’s not great money but the way I see it I love my job, I never complain having to get up in the morning. And I’m not stuck behind a desk!

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    In a Male/pussyboy relationship, visual accedence plays an important role. A professional portrait is often made up to hang in living rooms, in pride of place above the mantelpiece or on the main wall. It serves as a visual assertion of the roles in the house, a clear indication of the Male and the pussyboy. The pussyboy will relish the juxtaposition of its little dicklet against the vast appendage of its partner, and likewise, the Male will take pride in that pronouncement of his role as ruler of the household, and both his ownership of the boy and his responsibility to care and provide for him.

    The portrait may have to come down on occasion for polite company; of course inviting the parents or neighbours for dinner may warrant discretion. But it is important that there are visitors for whom the portrait will remain in position. Other gay friends will visit and everybody will enjoy drinks in the living room, in the shadow of the portrait which, after initial discussions, becomes commonplace, merely another artwork on the wall.

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  3. assboypgh:


    "Ok baby, we’re gonna fast-track you to Pussyboy. I know some argue that a gradual transition will result in more stability but I can see you’ve got the potential babyboy. So we’re gonna do in five days what others will do over six months. You with me?"


    "Good boy. So here’s how it’s gonna go down. We need to take a week off work. How soon can you do that baby?"

    "I have leave to use up actually. I can probably do it a week from Monday."

    "Perfect. So, we’ll spend the week indoors, we won’t even be leaving the house. I’ll lock your cock up at the start. Then five times a day you’ll lay on your back and receive a thousand strokes. We’ll count together. Don’t worry about me cumming, I can hold it off indefinitely. The important thing is that you understand that with each thrust you become less of a man, each stroke of my cock inside you turns your asshole further into a cunt.

    "The last stroke of the last day - that’s the twenty-five-thousandth stroke of my cock going into your cunt - it will be fully transformed. It will have turned into a cunt and from that moment on will function as such.

    "Now baby, it’s not gonna be easy, but you need to be strong. We’re working on it together, we share the same goal. I’m literally gonna be on top of you and pounding like a machine and we’ll just be counting together, fucking your asshole into a cunt. Ignore any pain. Just focus on your transition. Every stroke is one further away from manhood and one further towards pussyboydom. Feel yourself changing.

    "Now, on top of this, 80% of your nutritional intake will be spunk. You know that chest freezer in the cellar? Remember you asked me about it when I sent you down to get the wine? Inside it is ten litre jars of spunk. I’ve saved every load over the last year. I cum heavily, so they filled up remarkably quickly. Each evening before bed we’ll take another two out to thaw and then you’ll start each day with my cum for breakfast. I’ll spoon feed it to you. We’ll have lunch together, and then your evening meal will be cum. Two litres of it a day. You skin, bones, teeth - everything - will start to shine with the radiance of my juice, you’ll literally start to glow with the nourishment of my loins. The very cells of your body will start to crave it.

    "And that’s it. In five short days you’ll experience the complete transition. Manhood will feel like a distant memory and you’ll suddenly be conscious of your sex organ, now relocated to the back. We can take the cage off and you’ll relish at how your dick is lifeless, doesn’t even stir. You’ll look down at it and merely see a little tube for urinating, one simple bodily function, nothing else.

    "And then we can go out and celebrate. You can wear something nice for me, something tight around your transformed posterior, aand we’ll order Champagne to celebrate. Sound good?"

    "I wish we could start today!"

    He chuckled.

    "Attaboy, your attitude is spot on. I have a feeling you’ll have no trouble at all. Next Monday then. Let’s make the calls now."

    What a great week that would be.

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    There’s no way you’ll do it, bro!

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    I had so much fun playing with lego, but my bf sent me to bed. Could you imagine, that I wasn´t tired at all!? :(

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