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    The administration at Buhtkrak University, under pressure from women’s groups because of its poor record on date rape issues, has just announced a new, very progressive policy. Whenever a young woman reports that she has been pressured or otherwise violated by an aggressive or overly horny undergraduate male, the campus police send over the “male sensitivity squad.” They sit down with the young offender and make sure that he knows what pain and suffering he may have inflicted upon his female victim. They make it clear that having your wishes violated about the use of your own body can be very traumatic. And they especially try to get across the fact that an orgasm doesn’t always mean it was a cooperative endeavor. Although the policy is new, the members of the squad report that they have had several transformative sessions with horny young men, and have left the offender fully understanding the issues that date rape presents. Several young men have left campus after multiple visits from the squad, although their exact whereabouts cannot be determined at this time.

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    When I was a Freshman in college, the RA on our floor was a hot upperclassman who was also the PledgeMaster for Kappa Omicron Kappa, the most competitive frat on campus. Michael (you did NOT call him Mike, unless you wanted to get a particularly icy stare that made your skin crawl) took a particular interest in my roommate, Sean. Michael made sure that Sean pledged KOK in October, and got himself named as Sean’s Big Brother. At first Sean was really stoked… but as the months went by I could tell that his enthusiasm was replaced by… fear? I could never tell. He wouldn’t talk about it. All I knew was that he stopped dating his Hometown Honey and spent all his time over in the frat house.

    One night in March, I came home late to find Sean nude and sitting on his bed with his head in his hands. He had a shiner, and rope burns around his neck, and wouldn’t tell me how he got either. In a raspy voice, he just said that things had gotten a little over his head at the frat house and he wasn’t sure if he was going to go back there. At that point Michael came into our room, and told Sean he wanted to talk with him, in private. It was only after Sean got up that I could see the KOK letters on his ass… multiple impressions from the strokes of a frat paddle.

    I never saw either of them again. Sean disappeared, with all his clothes and belongings neatly stored in our room. Its as if he walked out of the dorm that night, as naked as I last saw him. Michael’s room, however, was completely cleaned out… including one of the big, six foot tall wardrobes that were college property. I couldn’t help but wonder if Sean hadn’t been bound up and stored in that lockable furniture as it left the building.

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